The IFCC, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, is a world leading non-profit NGO in its field and brings together professional organizations of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine from 96 National Societies from countries on 6 continents as well as 52 corporate members.

Our main mission is to advance excellence in laboratory medicine for better healthcare worldwide. To support this mission, we provide unique scientific and continuing education opportunities to our members and develop key programs to directly impact patient care by improving the field of laboratory medicine, but none of this is possible without creating awareness of the critical contribution of Med Lab in public health and patient care.

Unfortunately, the central role of Med Lab professionals has gone largely unnoticed by healthcare organizations and the general public. This is because their work is carried out inside the laboratory and contact with patients is much less common compared to other healthcare professionals.

However, poor visibility does not mean that Med Lab professionals are any less important in the continuum of patient care. In fact, laboratory medicine is a key driver of high-quality healthcare delivery, providing objective data to support evidence-based clinical decision-making.

During the pandemic, Med Lab professionals have played a crucial role in managing COVID-19 and supporting public health across the globe. They rapidly developed innovative molecular and serological tests as well as supported unprecedented testing demands. However, despite their tireless efforts, Med Lab professionals are still not recognized as essential front-line heroes.

That is why we have created the Global Med Lab Week program. An initiative to recognize and celebrate the Vital Impact of Laboratory Medicine and the Critical Role of Laboratory Professionals in Public Health & Patient Care around the world. To kickstart this program, we are launching a universal campaign and have developed various materials to spread our message. This message will be highlighted at all IFCC events and shared on our main social networks. Our “GMLW Campaign Ambassadors” will also share this message in regions across the globe.

This communication is addressed to all Med Lab Professionals; International, Regional, and National Societies, Corporate Members; IVD Industry Partners; Other Healthcare Professionals and Organizations; Government Agencies; as well as the general public. The tone of the messages is positive, motivating and celebratory, with a simple call to action: Help us make the role of Med Lab professionals visible!

Together, we invite you to join us in celebrating Laboratory Medicine and Med Lab professionals around the world.

Thank you

Medical Laboratories at the heart of health care!

An initiative of the IFCC